This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Toyota’s tenth Dream Car Art Contest proves the problem motorsports promoters have with the Millenial and younger generations.

Vibrant detailed designs and unrestrained imagination were represented in 850,000 plus submissions from youngsters around the world. That’s nearly a million children dreaming about the automobile. And none of the final drawings released by Toyota reflected swoopy, fast, prototype, Star Trek sports car ideas.

Apparently children aren’t thinking like that anymore. Toyota told the kids to “inspire the world with their dreams.” And kids aren’t dreaming about racing these days.

The winning Best Finalist prize came from 11-year-old Denisa Rissa, from Britain. She designed a camouflage car that disappeared into the environment in her neighborhood.


Now, I understand that some of the designs might have reflected the race cars that Toyota might enter in the World Endurance championship. But, the point is, Toyota chose to reward what’s in a child’s mind and not what’s in the mind of a senior citizen who might drool in his beer while watching a NASCAR race.

There was a Friendship car powered by honesty. And, a Wisdom Tree Metamorphosing the Reality car that brings nature closer to people to bring harmony and peace.

I wonder if either will make it into a motorcade for a future Presidential candidate?