Kasey Kahne Evangelizes on SpeedFreaks’ Behalf as Drag Racing’s Gary Scelzi & Sports Cars’ Cindi Lux Expound on the Virtues of Life on the Road Without Spouses

Big Daddy Don Garlits also Gives the Lowdown on the Studliest Stud in the Pits

Hollywood, CA (November 10, 2008) – SpeedFreaks bring back the ghost of Dr. Ruth tonight on MavTV as Mopar drivers let down their guard on some of the most closely kept secrets in racing. It does get personal. The final of five Freakality shows from SpeedFreaks again goes places where others do not have the fortitude to rock the biggest motorsports stars in the biz. You can only 'get you some' of this tonight on SpeedFreaks at 8 p.m. EST on MavTV.

There’s no question on who was THE ladies man in drag racing according to Big Daddy, or what lady in drag racing caused former top fueler Connie Kalitta to throttle punch a young punk in the pits. In fact, there’s more weirdness. SpeedFreaks’ get so whack that they even talk about going green in Drag Racing. Yea, they drink the Kool Aid…

“Kahne, Scelzi, Lux and even Mopar’s off-road’er Brian Collins come hard into the Freak Pits in tonight's show on MavTV,” says SpeedFreaks’ Kenny Sargent. “There’s more testosterone, guns and female bravado in this show than anything you’ll see in tonight's Monday Night Football matchup. In fact, I should have worn a helmet at times during these interviews.”

Also featured on the Freakality finale is Kasey Kahne Racing’s Brad Sweet on the virtues of a ladies man in the pits, Scelzi’s take on the greatest drag racer in history and why Garlits wants to burn cook leaves in his front yard.

Just watch… you'll freakin' get it.

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