This is the Statt Mann Baby. It’s time to Scatt a little bit.

Tragic story about Jason Leffler this week. He was killed in a Sprint Car accident at a small track in New Jersey Wednesday night.

There’ll be lots of questions about the safety at small tracks around the country. Lots of racing happens every week at these bull rings. Many are safe. Some aren’t. They just don’t make the money to do all the safety updates necessary for high speed competition these days. And that says nothing about the Leffler accident or the track where it happened.

What troubles me more is news that Leffler may have died without life insurance for his family especially his five-year-old son Charlie Dean.

Leffler’s from Long Beach here in Southern California and was a Friend of The Freaks in the early days of the show. Leffler won four USAC championships and had success in NASCAR’s Nationwide series winning events and running in the top ten when he could get a descent ride.

But it’s unclear to me how a driver who competes in a series sponsored by an insurance company didn’t have insurance. I hope that’s not true. The implications just don’t compute on any level.

But that can be NASCAR…