This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

To hear people talk you’d think one racing series or one demographic of Americans had the market cornered on family values.  But thinking people know that’s not true.  Families all over America build themselves with values that would stand up to any scrutiny.

We were at the Red Bull Supermoto A GoGo in La Vegas this weekend.

During one of the heat races I noticed legendary rider Jeff Ward go to the fence hand in hand with his young daughter.  I think her name is Siena.

Both kept their eyes on the bikes going by only Siena, without looking or asking, climbed on the fence and held on for a moment.  And Jeff, without looking or asking, raised his knee creating a seat for Siena who sat down, knowing Dad’s support would always be there.

It looked like something they’d done before and will do again.  It looked like something – a moment in time – that the Ward Family valued greatly.  And what’s more, no political campaign was built around that moment.  No one tried to sell ideas or products or brands around that moment.

And Jeff Ward didn’t care how many of his competitors might be watching.  He was having a moment with his daughter before he later mounted his bike and won another championship; as one of the best motorcycle racers in the world and Siena’s Dad.

Congratulations Wardy.