Hell if Richard Petty… NASCAR Legend Richard Petty thinks the Indy 500 is a spectacle, then sorry Sargent, but I'll have to agree! Crash has already laid out the history, Statt Mann has LIVED the history!  And THIS Sunday May 27th Freak Nation, another chapter will be written. Will Marco or Michael add there name to the Borg Warner trophy along with Grandpa Mario? Will a trollop… Oops, (sorry) a woman add HER name to the Trophy! Legend? Or will it be a total surprise like Eddie Cheever was when HE captured the title of Indy 500 winner? I don’t know, but I DO know that it will be special… and something that cannot be taken away. EVER!

Crash has promised to call my Big Ass BBQ with an Indy update for my beach-comber guests… In typical Crash Gladys style! Afterall, Crash’s pop practically raised her in the infield of Indy… and THAT is the coolest Indy 500 story I could ever imagine! Have fun Crash… you were "right"…I was wrong!

Go Indy… I’ll be thinking of your dad from start… to finish! God Bless the 500 Tradition! And especially your proud papa.

This is Nuttz on NASCAR