This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

We’re talking a lot about IndyCar today. Sunday’s Long Beach Grand Prix warrants the conversation. That’s the longest running and most important street race in America.

But IndyCar is fighting, even struggling, to stay in business and grow. Lots of ideas are flying around. But I’m surprised that one isn’t getting out of the talks.

Spending caps, cost containment, are more important than charters. If owners don’t have a chance to make money, why write the check?

We marvel at Formula One’s financial strength. But that strength came AFTER spending caps were put in place.

Investor money will enter the sport if investors know the major teams with all the sponsors won’t be able to spend them into the poor house. Even the proposed charters will be worth more when owners believe the charters have value.

The teams will be able to upgrade equipment. B2B talks will make more sense. All this comes when costs are under series wide control.

What am I missing?