This is the Statt Mann Baby. It's time to Scatt a little bit.

So much was made last week about the so-called college basketball experts in the NCAA basketball tournament, the Big Dance.

All the alleged experts said Virginia Commonwealth University wasn't worthy of an invitation, that the VCU Rams weren't worth the time because their 25-11 record just didn't merit a chance at the brass ring in the post season.  Well, all VCU did was win it's first two games including a major victory over perennial power Georgetown.

The experts owe the entire school an apology. One said their wife could pick better than the NCAA selection committee and she knew nothing about basketball. Tell that to the Rams tonight who will have played their third game by the time you hear this.

Those same experts said similar things about Tony Stewart when he started his own team two years ago. They said leaving Joe Gibbs Racing wasn't smart and Stewart would eventually rue the decision. Well as of today, Tony and his teammate Ryan Newman are third and fourth in points with a good season underway. Both are challenging for race wins, etc.

Makes you wonder who listens to the experts or, more to the point, who'd bother.