Gary Scelzi at Firebird Raceway…Tony Stewart at Phoenix International Raceway…Dennis Anderson at the Pontiac Silverdome…Max Biaggi at Anaheim Stadium…and Bobby Hamilton Jr. at California Speedway.

These are just a happy few of my guests on Inside The Ride during our little ho'down on Speed Channel each Saturday night.  Nope, not inside my pick'em up truck or under the hood of some sheet metal.  They are inside the safe confines of the Freaks.

To a poisoned few driving starlets, it seems at times safety is an issue with the Freaks Freestyle and land mine game show, but with aforementioned cats, and future Insiders, it's a place to just…be.

Stewart giving me the 411 on his blistered tires and scraped side panel on a dealer's donation to take a pleasure cruise around PIR;  Anderson threatening me with a friendly verbal blow horn of activity to not make a goof of him on TV or he'll damage my mail box and deliver a doughnut in the Sarge's front lawn; and Biaggi diving into conversation with me only he would have with his girlfriend or barber.

See what I mean.  Benny, Bill, Paul, Scott, Darrell nor Bubba the Love Sponge will give you the goat.  I do with all utters blastin'.  And don't give me this bullsh** about 'well, uh, Mr. Bestwick delivers a solid interview for …'  Pu-lease Paul from Plano.  

The sad part is, all these Sears suits could step up to the punching bag with some 16 ounce Everlasts if their producers would take off the dress, even if they are a woman.  If you are the better sex, act like Frank Shorter and tighten up the shoestrings for the marathon with the pedal flush.

The Inside The Ride feature is just an extension of what you get from all four Hank Hittin' Hombres of SpeedFreaks.  Like a cold, frosted, barley blastin' Bud gushin' down your gutter after a hard time in Hotlanta baby.  Sure is good in ya.

Enjoy the Ride of being on the Inside.  From Colin McRae to Buddy Rice to Kenny Wallace, shotgun with these monsters has new meaning to lappin' it up in the front seat. 

And oh yea, nevermind what motorsports series these dudes are from.  I'll go Larry Mac on ya and say, "don't matter."  They are no different than you or that guy helping you push your '74 Nova. 

As you see every Saturday night, they just drive or ride for a living and park it in the Freaks' garage every now and then.

Wear a bib and don't get any on ya.

Love ya like a brother you never had,