This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

If you’re listening to The Freaks, there’s a chance you know the name Huffaker Engineering and Joe Huffaker.

Huffaker Engineering’s been around since 1960 and winning races and championships almost ever since. Included are three Trans-Am titles and all kinds of Sports Car Club of America titles in Jaguars, sports racers, and little F Production MGs. Joe raced anything with engines he built and developed.

In fact, racers took numbers and stood in lines to get his engines.

Huffaker MG SCCA SonomaWell, Saturday the son, Joe Huffaker, Jr. won his tenth SCCA national championship in another black F Production MG Midget. He won by more than 34 seconds. In Little League they would have called it a mercy win.

We don’t talk about amateur racing much but the Olympics of American amateur racing, the SCCA Runoffs, happened this week at Sonoma Raceway. Huffaker has been at the track since it opened. He lives ten minutes away.

I’m sure Joe had customers in the field behind him. And, I bet, even they were cheering for him to get the gold.