This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

It was an empowering week for women everywhere. And that includes 17-year-old Hailie Deegan who became the first woman to win a NASCAR K&N Pro Series Race last night in Idaho.
Hailie Deegan 1st Win
She only led one lap at Meridian Speedway but it was the only one she needed to lead, the last one.

Deegan’s finished second twice in the series so this wasn’t a case of winning because of someone else’s misfortune. The win includes records in both the East and West K&N Pro Series. The West records date back to 1954.

In Victory Lane Deegan said: “It’s just amazing … this is the happiest day of my life.” I can only imagine her excitement.

I sat with Deegan once while interviewing her famous father Brian Deegan. She was intense. Engaged. And very observant. Brian said she’d win one day. She obviously brought those traits into the race car with her. This won’t be her last win in her career.