This is the Statt Mann  Baby.  Time to Scatt a little bit.
For generations Americans have fought the idea of international rules for our motor racing.

Well, that’s changing of late.  GT3 rules are taking over in American sports car racing.  GT3 is based on production cars with common wings, wheels and fender flares not to mention engine modifications and placement.

The World Challenge Series, maybe the best run in American racing, has been open to GT3 category cars for two years now.  That’s a GT3-spec Cadillac from the World Challenge series in the image above.

Next year the IMSA GT Daytona category will become GT3. The fields should grow, costs won’t and the competition should get closer making for a better show all around.

One of the reasons international teams and manufacturers have stayed away from American racing is because of the rules.  If the cars aren’t equal why come race?  Going to GT3 rules will change all that.  It certainly has in World Challenge.

We’ve wasted a lot of time ignoring these possibilities.