This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Yuven SundaramoorthyThis week The Freaks talked with a young Indian driver Yuven Sundaramoorthy who’s winning races and leading the championship in the USF2000 Road to Indy program.

The kid won’t be 19 until February. WOW!!

Yuven’s leading a very tight race for the championship in the entry level series. A championship, though, gives him a $400,000 stake as he travels the Road to Indy.

What pleased me though was learning that this Asian driver who speaks three languages hasn’t experienced some of the ugliness that’s been meted out to other Asians in the past 18 or so months here in America.

We learned of some questionable behavior in NASCAR last year against Cup driver Darrell Wallace. Makes me feel good that questionable racial behavior isn’t always present in the motor racing community. Maybe the racing world is growing up.

I hope so.