This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Got a call Friday afternoon as I was headed home from lunch. A cousin was alerting me to family racing motorcycles in nearby Xenia, Ohio.

After a quick U-turn onto the freeway, and an hour down the road I was watching Don Chavous and his nephew Jonah testing and getting ready for a weekend of National Hot Rod Association bracket racing. I’m told the heavy hitters from all over the country were there.

Don Chavous And Jonah

Don is helping Jonah make the transition into national, pro category competition. Don has raced in Pro Stock Motorcycle in the past. He left that world and is now helping Jonah for the time being. Must have worked.

Don went out early on Saturday. But Jonah was the top qualifier and went to the Final Four before a distraction took him out of the running. Don must be a good mentor.

Jonah is a newbee at national, pro category racing. His bike this weekend is only a year old and he’s only been racing a total of four years.  Of course, anytime you can go home from a race weekend with money and other stuff, you’ve had a great day. Right?

Thanks for the alert, Pep…