Go big or go home!

Or better yet, go big AT home!!

I want to challenge you this month, peeps, tweeps, FB friends and race fans alike… so many of you have reached out to me saying things like, “I wish I was in better shape,” or “I'd like to eat better,” or “I can't do difficult moves, so I'll just never be healthy,” or “I don't have the time to work out.”


First of all, EVERYONE has time to work out. If you think you don't have time, then you aren't really interested in being healthy in the first place. If the President can wake up early to get his jog on, then so can you and I.

Can't do difficult moves? Can't lift heavy weights? Ummm, there is such a variety of workout programs out there that you CAN do… just get on it!  Find an easier one and just push play!

Want to eat better? Why aren't you in the first place? It's just changing a few simple things every day to make your intake healthier… it is NOT hard. I can help you!

So, this month I want you to cut through the excuses and get out of your comfort zone (because apparently your comfort zone is keeping you on the couch and into the wrong food groups… noooo, ice cream and potato chips are NOT a food group, contrary to what you want to believe). LOL!

Kicking off with Superbowl weekend, I want to get you SUPER FIT!  And we can do this in a variety of states all across the country because of my Challenge Groups that I am setting up NOW.  What's a Challenge Group?  Well, they are small groups of people doing the same workout, sharing ideas on modifications with the moves, sharing meal plans for the week and most of all holding you accountable to finishing the challenge and achieving your goals!  Oh, and as an added incentive, each participant will be eligible for $500/day just by logging in your workouts!  If you really want to go big, there is also a $100,000 Challenge on the table, too… but no quitters allowed!

P90X, TurboFire, Insanity, Slim in 6, 10 Minute Trainer… you've heard about all of these workouts because they WORK.  Now make them work for YOU.

My next deadline for signups is February 7th (yep, that's TUESDAY).  Spots will fill up quickly and you don't want to wait until the next group, because your health can't wait any longer on you.

Send me an email if you want more deets or if you think you can organize a Challenge group with five people on your own, too!

Otherwise, go here NOW to sign up and I'll put you in a current group that is forming… Crash Gladys Beachbody Challenge Groups

CONTEST for Superbowl Weekend:

1 – Organize a Challenge Group of at least 5 people on your own and win your workouts and Shakeology FREE!

2 – Sign up for The Beachbody Challenge on one of my teams by February 7th and be entered into a drawing for the NEW Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology samples that are coming out Feb. 14th

3 – Sign up for The Beachbody Challenge on one of my teams by February 7th and be entered into a drawing for a Beachbody Gift Card, too!

Email me if you have any questions: CrashG@SpeedFreaks.TV