This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

An opinion piece this week said motorsports was at a crossroads and the future is at risk.

The piece looked at electrification in the auto industry and what impact that might have on car racing. It also looked at where the fans go after a year on the couch. How do you get fans back in the stands after they’ve seen the screen?

Finally, the piece looked at fan regeneration. How do you get Millennials and Gen Xers interested when they think in terms of 200 characters in a racing world that’s 200 thousand characters long?

Funny, but The Freaks have been raising those same issues for most of our 20 years.

Automakers want to sell cars crowding their showrooms not win races. The fans want an experience they aren’t getting at the track. And we’ve argued time and again that young people just don’t buy the industry format.

I’m glad someone’s listening. The issue now: how do you get the racing industry out of it’s silo and into the real world.