This is the Statt Mann, Baby. It’s time to Scatt a Little Bit…

I’m a very big rallycross fan. I enjoy the European version as well as the newer remake being developed here in the United States.

But it’s that U.S. version, Global Rallycross, that’s at a crossroads right now. The made for TV format has created rough driving that’s challenged the competition on the track.

I’ve heard it called dumb luck racing and I agree with that assessment. But who do you blame for the rough driving? Is it necessary to assign blame? The point is drivers are beating up millions of dollars worth of equipment every round. The results appear random it looks like little is being done to change that.

No matter who’s to blame, I’m hearing that potential competitors are backing away because of the rough driving. Even fans have questions. They’re seeing a demolition derby instead of a competition of world class drivers.

We should have been alerted last spring when two-time GRC champion Tanner Foust would get to a final but didn’t reach turn two until round three.

Earlier this year officials told me they’re aware of the complaints and are meeting to fix things. Well, the 2013 final round is about five weeks away and nothing’s been announced yet.

The question now: Will the GRC run out of cars and drivers before it runs out of sport?