This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Max VerstappenI’m more than sick of the apologists who say Max Verstappen is hamstrung because he’s so fast and everyone around him doesn’t know what they’re doing. Verstappen is the Grand Wizard of that club.

Esteban OconSunday in the Brazilian Grand Prix Verstappen took the best car in the race and crashed it into Esteban Ocon while leading. He then called Ocon all sorts of names because Ocon didn’t get out of Max’s way.

I guess once Verstappen gets into the lead everyone else should pull over and park.

Five-time World champion Lewis Hamilton, Sunday’s eventual race winner, told Max after the race that Max had more to lose than Ocon in the incident.

It’s implied that all Verstappen had to do was lift, let Ocon go by and pass him further down the road. Instead he banged into the slower car then cursed and complained because Ocon was on the track with him.

Max won the last race and appeared to be beyond his early career aggression. But maybe not.

Racing’s more than being fast. Maybe Max will learn that one day.