This is the Statt Mann  Baby.  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Nissan has proven over and over that computer gamers can often translate their skills to the actual race track.  Lucas Ordonez, Jann Mardenborough and others have proven their driving skills will get off the couch.

Well Audi this week released a You Tube video getting similar results.

A Canadian gamer, Evan Thorogood, took on Audi factory driver and Le Mans 24 Hour winner Benoit Treluyer at Circuit of the Americas.

Treluyer was in a real Audi S3 sedan.  Thorogood was in an Xbox simulated Audi S3.

Kind of a cool promotion.  In the gamer world Thorogood is known as Raceboy77.  He beat out challengers from all over Europe and the U.S. for the opportunity.  And two laps later, Raceboy77 was more than a second faster.

What’s it prove?  Little, except gamer skills and racer skills are closer than we once thought.

Let’s see if Audi puts Raceboy77 in a real car like Nissan does with its winners.