This is the Statt Mann Baby. It's time to Scat a little bit.

I read an excellent analysis of the issues developing between the ALMS and the World Endurance Championship coming on line next year.  The ALMS has worked closely with the FIA while building its sports car championship in the U.S.

For that it got a slap in the face when the FIA put a WEC event on the same weekend as next year’s Petit Le Mans, one of the spotlight weekends on the ALMS calendar.

If you care, check out the analysis on It does however ignore an issue that will begin having an impact on all manufacturer participation in American racing.

Our sociopolitical war on the American Middle Class, the people who buy the most cars in America, means that car makers will look elsewhere to activate its motorsports sponsorships.

If American jobs are building Middle Classes in India or Bahrain or China, that’s where you’ll start seeing future international races and the sponsorships that go along with them.

On many levels it makes sense. Would you spend your money in a store where the products won’t be supported in the future?

I didn’t think so.