This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

I heard one of the dumbest ideas for NASCAR this week.

Andrew Murstein, co-owner of Richard Petty Motorsports, threw out the idea of a spending cap to level the playing field in the sport. Among other things he said it would increase fan interest because more teams would have a chance to win.

FansThese are odd comments in a season that’s seen ten straight races with different winners heading into this weekend. Nine different teams have won Cup races this year with no organization winning more than four of the previous 21 this season.

And let me add that spending caps haven’t created that kind of diversity in stick-and-ball sports championships. Look it up. Good management creates success in any business not caps on staff salaries.

It’s frustrating that NASCAR refuses to deal with the biggest impediment to audience growth: There’s too many races and they’re all too long. Both of those ideas, though, mean fewer TV commercials and that means less money for NASCAR’s front office.

Like I said, someone needs to consider better management of the sport.