This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

On Sunday October 8th NHRA Pro Stock driver Erica Enders will celebrate her 23rd birthday at an NHRA National event in Virginia with her own Pro Stock team purchased this week from Don Schumacher Racing.

This is all significant on a number of levels for Enders, the first woman to qualify in the top half of a Pro Stock field and the first to reach a final round.  And she’s only been doing this as a professional for two years.

Erica is as far from a media created gender headline as you can get.  This summer, when the going got tough she didn’t throw her helmet, stomp her feet and disappear in a pouty snit.

She bought the team and said ‘fellas, this ain’t good enough.’  To prove the point she kept the team home this weekend to iron out problems.

Now, my sisters tell me a woman can do a lot of thinking when she irons.

Don’t be surprised if Erica thinks up something special for her birthday.

Certainly she’ll be lighting candles under anyone who gets in her way!