This is the Statt Mann, Baby. It’s time to Scatt a Little Bit…

NASCAR’s craziness about spot switching and points play into the playoffs continued this week. It’s not new in motor racing. Team orders have been team orders ever since there were teams in the sport.

Race results have been manipulated from F1 to drag racing. It’s another lesson for fans who religiously follow people, places and things in the world of sports without taking the time to observe for their own eyes what’s actually going on.

When you introduce multiple pounds of money into any endeavor someone will try to manipulate a way to capture that cash. It’s human nature.

Another problem that surfaces at times like this is our need to listen to whatever someone says because they’re the experts. I’ve learned through the years that experts are no more than fans with the ability to let their opinion be known.

Usually there’s some cash involved somewhere which takes us to our first rule. It’s human nature.

So, before we forget what happened in a hail of finger pointing and blame, let’s look in the mirror and see how we’ve contributed to NASCAR’s need to manipulate the results so we can be happy.

Not all competition is entertaining all the time. But when it is, it’s fascinating. Rubber rules and entertainment presented as competition isn’t.

Let’s stop demanding that it is. That doesn’t have to be human nature.