This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Last night I spent the evening with an artist friend who opened an exhibit of his revolutionary work at a Beverly Hills gallery.

Hundreds joined Ed celebrating his 80th birthday with him showing up wearing a stylishly loose black Sean Jean shirt open to reveal an elegant turquoise breastplate.

Not the usual picture of a white haired 80-year-old!

Ed Martin spent half the century as a cinematographer making Clio Award winning commercials before he retired and got busy changing the world of still photography, his first love.

At an age when many look for soft spots to fall, Ed is not only changing spots, he’s building new ones in new, undiscovered places.

What’s this got to do with racing?

Just like art, motorsports is a diverse universe.  An appreciation for that diversity is another way of avoiding that soft spot and not falling into it.

Sean Jean at 80.  When I mentioned it to Ed he only laughed and winked and got busy with another fan.

What did you complain about last night?   Or more to the point, fall on any spots lately?