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I disagree with the majority of your comments regarding Formula 1.
We need F 1 in the U.S., preferably in more than one city.  Germany hosts two GPs, why not the U.S.?  I've been to the US GP in Indianapolis twice, and it was an excellent experience both times.  I did not go in 2005, and yes, the tire situation was embarrassing — and Michelin has paid the price!  So let's get over it and look forward to the next season!  By the way, it is also embarrassing for a NASCAR champion to get arrested for drunk driving!!!!  Drivers are supposed to be role models!
Formula 1 is getting more exciting, now that Ferrari has some real competition.  With new rules and new engines, not to mention new drivers, like Scott Speed, next year should be awesome for F 1, and I look forward to attending another race at Indy.

Your show symbolizes what is wrong with this country and how they believe what "real" motorsports is if you honestly think that NASCRAP is real racing.  Formula One is the "world" championship.  The US is regarded at the world superpower, so why shouldn't we have a race here.  I agree that F1 this past year has had some problems, but I'd rather watch 6 F1 cars race around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway than see 43 ordinary looking machines turn left for 5 hours.  And to add insult to injury, I could count the number of drivers in NASCAR with the talent enough to be competitive driving an F1 car on 2 fingers.  I actually have a brain and prefer something that simulates my mind past the point of mediocrity.
Swen Johnson
Aptos, CA

ARE YOU NUTS!  Formula One is needed in the US.  This racing elitism attitude towards certain racing leagues has to go.   Formula One like other racing series opens the door to many fans that wouldn't watch say Nascar.  However, if it was for F1 opening the door of racing to me, I wouldn't be into ALMS, Rolex, Champ, Indy, Touring Car, etc and yes, Nascar.  All forms of racing are needed, and all these forms of racing must be supported in order for all of racing to be successful.

Joshua Palmer

No. I don't believe American racing would be better without F1. I live in Charlotte, NC and enjoy watching as well as going to Nascar events.

But I also like a little variety when it comes to racing so I have attended 3 F1 GP's in the last 4 years. Sadly, last years will probably be my last. It was a total waste of money and slap in the face towards the fans. And there was nothing done to make someone that got screwed to want to go back. The attendance at the F1 GP races pails in comparison to a Nascar race and I am sure next year will be the biggest flop yet. But the technology and rush is why I am there and it's sad it probably won't be around for much longer.


Personally, I think America would be worse off without Formula 1.  However, I do think Formula 1 would be better off without America.
Had it not been for America, F1 would never have the tire problem that stained the USGP last year.  It's because of boring, left-turn, NASCAR banked ovals that Formula 1's reputation was tarnished.
Just a thought.
Barrett J.
Auburn, Wa