This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

The marketing and promotion of SCORE desert racing is so horrifically bad, you probably don’t know about the Primm 300 run in Southern Nevada this weekend near the California border.

I mention it here because of an obscure rally driver, German Armin Schwarz, who ran with two other drivers and finished fourth in class and tenth overall in a BMW powered JIMCO Class 1 buggy.

Schwarz is a former WRC driver who even won in Catalunya back in 1991 driving for Toyota.

Schwarz has run SCORE events before.  Primarily, he’s doing some engine development for BMW, a project that’s more than a year old.  It’s called Project Baja USA. Even has its own web presence at

But my real interest is in the fact that another WRC driver has come to this side of the water and NOT run away with the competition whether it’s in an American forest or American desert.

American motorsport is different than anything else in the world.  We need to embrace that difference instead of fretting over it.

If we can, we’ll become a place where the world will emulate us even if it’s just for product or driver development.

That’s happening already on a small scale.  It will get bigger the more we play up our uniqueness and ignore the differences that make us stand out.