This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

I was super pumped Friday at the introduction of all-electric rallycross machines.

IMG promotes the World Rallycross Championship and next year it will introduce a support series called Projekt E.

WRX Projekt E

The new car is a collaboration between IMG and an Austrian R&D shop. This is all a first for global motorsport.

Projekt E next season will showcase the all-electric cars at European rounds of the championship. The short races in rallycross and high torque racing environment is perfect for electrification.

These will be 612 horsepower machines, 14,000 rpm motors and full torque within 32 milliseconds of the start. Top speeds? 150 miles an hour.

The electrics will fit in new builds or converted current chassis.

Frankly, this is the future. Automakers want this. And those who ignore that fact face losing automaker interest. Can’t wait to see it.