This is the Statt Mann  Baby.  Time to Scatt a little bit.

This week the 2015 NHRA drag racing season draws to a close in Pomona.

Antron BrownEricaEndersStevensNot enough is said about the NHRA’s driver and team diversity.  Just this year alone African American Antron Brown already has his second Top Fuel championship in four years.  Erica Enders-Stevens has her second straight Pro Stock championship.

Latino Brothers Tony and Cruz Pedregon have multiple Funny Car championships. The list goes on.  To drag racing’s credit, it’s built a diverse field without a special program.

There’s no program either in Formula One where driver diversity is led by three time champion Lewis Hamilton who’s won the last two World Championships.

Then there’s NASCAR. After eleven years of a diversity program the 43 car field has 42 men and one woman.  One has some Asian heritage.  The rest are white and, apparently, will fight you or crash you at a moment’s notice.

Drag racing is uniquely American and looks like it.  Formula One is uniquely global and acts like it.  NASCAR?  It’s something different.