So Freak Nation, we are a race into the 2008 Sprint Cup Championship Chase and now it’s nine more. What do you think? You still got a hard on for The Chase for The Kyle? Ooops…I mean Jimmy, er, Biffle?

Why in the bloody hell does it kick off at New Freakin’ Hampshire? That’s bunk.

Unlike the NFL, NBA or MLB, in their playoffs, the stadiums are not known really sometimes until a week before the play date. The Chase tracks are predetermined months and months in advance.

Dig this, in these prepackaged frozen dinner tracks there are no Bristol’s, Daytona’s or road courses. Like a bad hairy 70’s porno mag, nice spread NASCAR.

Here’s one for you, part of the perk of winning the initial points battle, allow the top finisher going into the Chase to choose the track he would like to run on first. I know, I know, all the lead up time needed to get such a big ass race party lined up takes months to plan and…just screw the excuses man.

I don’t want to hear words like infrastructure, advance marketing, personnel logistics, blah freakin’ blah.

Bruton could do it.

Look, if NASCAR continues to want to be the NFL on wheels, then sack up baby. Don’t just rely on this Chase thing to garner some interest.

Lets get into payoffs, insider trading and under the table meal tickets to establish a playoff system. You know, a track owner could be paying for the points leader’s babysitter, beer bills or gas money in order to win over the drivers choice for his track.

G**damn that would rock. The Republican’s pork barrel ass could assist in such shenanigans in this election year.

All bull dung aside, this Chase format is going to get old and there will need to be changes. In fact the expiration date smells more like 11/09.

NASCAR, you want to throw like the NFL or do you care to swing like Major League Baseball? Then innovate and rejuvenate. The big three have and do.

They’ve done it it SO well, the Tampa Bay Rays, Cleveland Cavaliers and New Orleans Saints have a chance in hell to win a championship on THEIR track.

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