This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

I checked in with Formula Drift this weekend. Imagine my surprise to find someone is using a Ferrari in competition and won a round this weekend at Englishtown.

It isn’t a front runner but the idea of Federico Sceriffo building a Ferrari 599 Formula Drift Car with a supercharged, six-liter V12; well that’s crazy! Take a look:

If you aren’t up on your Ferrari brogue, it’s a front engine, rear wheel drive like all drift machines. And it’s not Ferrari red. It’s yellow! Looks good, though, and sounds wonderful. He could sell CDs or downloads for your own in-car enjoyment.

The youth movement in IndyCar is hitting Formula D. I’m impressed that a one-time buddy, Chelsea DeNofa, a former broadcast engineer in Philadelphia, is now winning events and in the top five in points. Top qualifier this weekend.

The two guys who started Formula Drift are brilliant. In eighteen years they’ve survived a worldwide recession AND a global pandemic and still they’re growing. That’s world class cool.