This is the Statt Mann, Baby. It’s time to Scatt a Little Bit…

On March First I talked about Amy Ruman’s win in the Trans-Am race at Sebring. Well today we’re bringing that name back to you. She’s now won four races in a row dating back to last year.

That includes a powerful win Saturday at Road Atlanta where Ruman had the field covered to expand her Trans-Am points lead.

She started second jumped to the front and was more than seven seconds ahead of the field at one point. The race report used words like dominant and driver’s clinic to describe the win.

At this moment Ruman is the only winner the Trans-Am has had this season. And the series is in the midst of a resurgence with more than 70 cars showing up in Atlanta this weekend.  These aren’t tiny fields of hand-me-down drivers and machines.

So like I suggested last March, if you’re looking for a woman to cheer for consider Amy Ruman.  She’s putting up winning efforts on the racetrack against giant fields of teams who probably don’t like chasing a woman.