This is the Statt Mann Baby. It’s time to Scatt a little bit.

This morning I was listening to a You Tube video interview between two journalists I respect immensely.

They implied that a healthy skepticism was necessary to do journalism once in a while.

Now these three issues aren’t necessarily from a skepticism DNA but they do raise red flags that announce: “C’mon Man!”

A release this morning from a Supercross sponsor said its rider in Phoenix last night continued his consistent run during his 2013 campaign. The 2013 campaign is two races old. Can we draw conclusions of consistency after two races?

And this week’s multi-car crash during NASCAR testing at Daytona left little to the imagination. Millions in equipment was written off during a session designed to thump the hype drums during the NFL playoffs.

And what about these $100 million tax breaks for NASCAR track owners over the next seven years. They were buried in the Fiscal Cliff legislation last week. Let’s remember this pulled pork the next time NASCAR Dads slobber for more tax breaks from Washington.

C’Mon Man!