This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Something new this week.

Clown ShowAfter watching Formula One for most of my life, I’ve come to believe the industry is turning into a Clown Show.

Let’s set aside the pure farce at Abu Dhabi in 2021 when officials stole an eighth championship from Lewis Hamilton.

Two weeks ago, F1’s former czar Bernie Ecclestone pleaded guilty to bank fraud while running the series in 2015. For that he was sentenced to 17 months but that was suspended largely because of his age. Ecclestone is 92.

And Ecclestone had to return nearly 800 million US dollars in the plea deal.

Then this week a story appears suggesting Formula One is lobbying General Motors to see if it would want to partner with another team in the F1 paddock. GM has cast its lot with
Michael Andretti so far.

But connecting some dots, GM and Cadillac won an IMSA championship this year with an engine that logically could be a prototype for the technology used in F1.

So, if you believe the story, not only are F1 teams rejecting Michael Andretti as an eleventh team in the paddock. They’re trying to back door a financial partner away from him.

A Clown Show.

In fact, I’m giving it two out of four clowns for the Scammy way F1 appears to be doing business these days.

A Clown Show…