This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

FansI love it when people think outside the box. Refusing to think outside the box may be a reason why so many Americans are quarantined inside a social box now.

But I saw some outside the box thinking today while watching CBS Sunday Morning. A commercial highlighted jet car drag racer Elaine Larsen selling a financial instrument to protect incomes in case of a life change.

That’s certainly outside the box thinking.

I’ve always believed that the sponsor starved motor racing community continuously sells itself short when trolling for supporters. Motor racing and the people who participate and watch are a highly technical lot but technical companies are under-represented throughout the industry.

So much of the time motor racing sells speed and danger instead of problem solving and accuracy in everyday life.

That spot this morning stood out from ninety minutes of television programming. Isn’t that what sponsors are looking for?