This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

FansLast week I suggested some things that got me to thinking. The changes in motorsport the past 16 years have been mind numbing.

There’s no way you could have imagined all-wheel drive diesel hybrids would become the top of the food chain in world sports car racing.

That vehicle safety might actually make race cars faster.

Who would have ever thought that energy recovery systems would become the norm in Formula One. That engineers allowed to think freely would create a way to recover energy under braking and turn it into added power during acceleration.

Remember when The Freaks were evangelists for sport compact drag racing? And we thought it would have replaced the NHRA’s Pro Stock class by now?

That drifting and judges would become a viable motorsports business in 2016?

Who would have thought that IndyCar would become a spec racing class; That NASCAR would rise and fall in the public’s shopping cart, or that a black man would become the best racing driver in the world.

I wonder what the next 16 years will bring?