This is the Statt Mann Baby. It's time to Scatt a little bit.

We’ve all been happy to have a Brit or a Canadian win the American rally championship for the past three years. And we were more than happy to have our American rally champion jump to NASCAR because he wanted the challenge after four straight rally championships.

We were satisfied to see America’s best rally driver making videos for millions to see around the world. Ken Block demonstrated his rally driving skill in his Gymkhana videos in far flung places like San Francisco and a Hollywood studio.

But this weekend, Ken gave notice that he was back in the forests and he was bringing some new determination with him.
While he was telling the world he was just trying to be the best rally driver he could be, this weekend he emerged as the best in North America. And it’s not close. Ken won the Olympus Rally by more than four minutes this weekend beating the four-time American champion from Britain and the five time Canadian champion from Montreal.

Ken can spend his time telling us he just wants to be good if he wants to. But after this weekend, he’s the best. He just needs a championship to prove it. That might come next year when he returns to the American forests full time.

It’ll be good to have an American as the American champion again. We don’t always get that in American racing these days, do we?