This is the Statt Mann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

A friend and I swapped emails all weekend about Formula One and, especially, Jenson Button, the hottest name in all of racing.

Button had one win when the season started.  His playboy reputation was longer than his racing resume.  Button was known more for breaking contracts than breaking onto an F1 podium.  In the last two years he’s finished 18th and 15th in points.  They only run 20 cars in F1 races!

All that’s changed this year, though.  Button’s won three of the first four F1 races thanks to the engineering brilliance of team owner Ross Brawn, team principal at Brawn GP.

But Jenson Button’s new found heart has surpassed his new found right foot this year.  He needed heart to come from behind to win Sunday in Bahrain.

I’m always amazed when drivers find heart in their tool box.  Who knows what flips that switch? 

Up to now, Jenson Button jumped in and out of contracts like a playboy jumps in and out of relationships.  During the offseason, however, Honda – in a switch – threatened to dump Button.  Maybe that news made Button want victories more than conquests.

In the past, anyone who’s won three of the first four races has gone on to the world championship. 

It’ll take a season to get used to Jenson Button in the pantheon of World Champion Driver.   I wonder if Button can get used to the idea before then.