This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

The diversity in NHRA drag racing ALWAYS stuns me. And I’ve been watching it for far more than a decade.

Men. Women. Young. Old. Black. White. Brown. Asian. They all win and win championships.

Camrie CarusoThe latest into that salad is Pro Stock driver Camrie Caruso. She’s a rookie this year and this weekend drove to the Top Qualifier spot in Houston. That’s only the fifth professional event for her and her family team.

Get what I’m saying here. A rookie woman at 24 in only her fifth professional event was the top qualifier in drag racing’s tightest competition. Races are often decided by less than tenths of a second in the category.

The best news. Caruso is brimming with confidence. She told her crew chief Friday “you ready to go to number one!” He tried to calm her down with “let’s just get down the racetrack.”

The Freaks talked with Camrie maybe a month ago. She’s as unassuming as they get. But make no mistake, she’s about winning.

Let’s hope she stays that way.