This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

Motor racing is forcing itself back into the sports headlines even with the coronavirus pandemic still raging.

Despite all the world’s problems it is great to see competition again. And even better to see Friend of the Freaks Scott Dixon dominating in IndyCar.

Antron BrownDuring the break I’ve taken the chance to listen to some different podcasts. And that includes a conversation between another Friend of the Freaks Antron Brown and NASCAR specialist Kelly Crandall.

In something called The Racing Writers Podcast three-time champion Antron Brown spilled a lot of himself. And that includes AB Motorsports, his own team sometime in the future.

Team ownership is hard but success means so much. There are tax advantages. Obviously sponsor relationships. Brand equity is built for the successful team. And there’s more.

Antron currently races for Don Schumacher Racing. So he’s learning from the best. Hope he’s studying hard and will become a homerun hitter when he’s ready to step to the plate.