This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit…

There was a time in my life when Formula One was the epitome of motor racing. It was almost like the American Can-Am series. You bring it. You race it. And the better idea wins.

2021 F1 Spa Rain

But like most things based on money – and lots of it! – considerations often change.

Sunday’s Belgian Grand Prix at Spa was the definition of disappointment. It rained. Rained hard. And safety considerations kept the teams from competition.

Safety is certainly the utmost consideration in motor sport. But to award even half points for a two or three lap race is comical. That’s not even done in jalopy racing on a Saturday night.

The announcers kept selling the point that the outcome was good payment for hard fought qualifying on Saturday. But an F1 race is competition and not qualifying nor waddling around at freeway speeds behind a safety car.

Watching this was the low point in a lifetime of racing interests. Almost as low as the NASCAR race Saturday night at Daytona. But that’s another story.