This is the Statt Mann  Baby.  Time to Scatt a little bit.

Equal time was once important in my career and it may be needed now.
Last week I implied three-time World Driving Champion Lewis Hamilton might be experiencing some punishment from Mercedes after an accident last year driving an Italian Supercar instead of a German Mercedes.

Hamilton has had freakish mechanical problems ever since the civilian accident in Monaco last October.  Problems continued after Mercedes mixed up team mechanics in the off season.

This week Hamilton launched a Social Media campaign telling nearly three million followers that he trusts his team one thousand percent.  And, more, he wants his fans to do the same.

Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg has won every race since Hamilton’s accident and leads the F1 points for 2016.

But Hamilton says there’s still time to turn his season around and defend his 2015 title.

Could be fun.