Barbed wire, cow chicanes, rocky terrain, booby traps, billy goat trails chisled out of the mountain side in the 1800's… That's the Baja 1000. Conquering that aside, the Freaks ask 2 of this year's winners, Larry Roeseler (overall 4-wheel winner) and Marc Burnett (Class 6 winner), who has the bigger juevos… Indy 500 winners, Daytona 500 winners or Baja 1000 winners? You may be quite surprised at their answers… Marc especially!

These are two great interviews with some of Baja's finest… Enjoy them both!

Record setting 13 time Baja 1000 winner & this year's 4-wheel
overall victor, Larry Roeseler, calls SpeedFreaks from his victory
party in Orange County

Class 6 Winner, General
Tire master who raced the full distance by himself, Marc Burnett
gets a bit caught at the border when chatting with the Freaks