This is the Statt Mann Baby.  It's time to Scatt a little bit.

It seems like I can’t get away from this issue of sports as entertainment, especially motorsports.

Last week I talked about diversion or amusement as key components of the definition of entertainment.  And NASCAR’s plan to switch to E15 ethanol as a racing fuel fits both areas.  It’s a diversion and the idea is amusing.

Many local gas stations already sell E85 ethanol or fuel that’s 85 percent bio fuel alcohol.

Racers have long known that E85 is more powerful than even more expensive racing fuel.  GM uses it exclusively in its endurance racing Corvettes.

Now NASCAR wants a ribbon for leaving fossil fuels for a biofuel that has only 15 percent alcohol.  Most gas stations already sell a ten percent blend for a host of reasons, not to mention independence from foreign oil.  It’s so common that most of the stickers announcing the blended fuel have worn smooth on the pumps.

So E15 is a diversion.  It’s corporately irresponsible.  And it’s amusing that NASCAR wants a pat on the back for its so-called green initiative.

Thankfully many of NASCAR’s corporate partners have evolved far beyond NASCAR’s aging script in the green arena.

I wonder how long their customers will wait for this traveling circus of near scripted entertainment to catch up.