This is the Statt Mann, Baby. It’s time to Scatt a Little Bit…

The Freaks were at the Mint 400 this week. I personally love the trip thanks to event sponsor General Tire.

In fact, I’m still amazed at an off-mic conversation with a driver who talked about the new technology and larger budgets in the Trophy Truck category.

I was told some of the faster teams are spending as much as five million dollars or more to race in the class. Some of that money is going to new aero designs done after wind tunnel testing on the sleeker looking Trophy Trucks.

Several teams see the need because of the 150 MPH top speeds on dry lakes in the race. That may not sound fast when compared to other forms of racing but 150 MPH is the takeoff speed for a Boeing 737.

Obviously we don’t want to see Trophy Trucks at 36,000 feet so anything that would keep the thousand horsepower vehicles on the ground would be a good thing.

Some new aero devices were pointed out especially the front air dams to help keep the trucks grounded.

Aero for Trophy Trucks. If you live long enough…