This is the Stattmann Baby… Time to Scatt a little bit!!

I’ve been a member of the media for too many years.  I know how the public consciousness can be swayed by the appearance of fair reporting if, indeed, that exists anywhere these days.

So, with that intro, I’m growing weary of people falling lemming-like into the media’s abyss when the discussion turns to Tony Stewart.   People who don't know the man are quick to say he’s a hot head and a disgrace, or worse, on or off the track.

However, when you talk with the people who know Tony best, you find nothing but praise for the man.  I’ll believe them over everyone else who has something to gain by throwing water on Smoke.

Take for example, Josh Wise, who drives for Stewart’s USAC Midget program.  Saturday I asked 21-year-old Josh how Stewart has influenced his life besides hiring him sight unseen and paying him to drive toward a racing career.  Has he gained anything by observing the so-called Poster Boy for anger management?

"It definitely rubs off," said Wise.  "I’d love to be in a position like he is someday and be able to help other people out who want to get to where they want to be.  Hopefully I’ll be a position like that someday."

In short, Wise could be taking from anyone who offers while ignoring his responsibility to be a human being, even in the midst of so much excess.  Instead, he’s looking at the evil Mr. Stewart and finding a role model, namely a person who helps others seek dreams with money from his own pocket and not bragging to anyone who’d listen.

If that’s evil, may the rest of the field go Robert Johnson on us as soon as possible!