A Little SpeedFreaks Mojo Can Work In A Big Way For A Little Man

Mojo: a magic spell, hex or charm; broadly; magical powers.

From the very beginning, the SpeedFreaks Motorsports Mojo has been workin’. Proof? FACT: CART’s Paul Tracy stiffed the Freaks on a visit to The Pits (studio) one Sunday night in '00. The next race? He checked in with a D.N.F.F. (did not Freakin’ finish). A few weeks later, the mad Canadian ventured into The Pits with a make good and found back to back wins. SpeedFreaks Mojo. That was just the beginning.

The Mojo also works for not so big time motorsports stars.

When SpeedFreaks lit the torch on our Dallas – Ft. Worth affiliate KYNG 105.3 FM, one of our first calls came from a local circle dirt track fly boy named Robin. He was a DF’ Dubber (DFW) in need of some SpeedFreaks Mojo…BAD! So much so, even his speeding tickets were labeled D.N.F.F.

That evening, I asked Robin to lay his hands on his radio and Reverend Sargent would bless his empty tank with nitroglycerin fury and fill it up with spicy SpeedFreaks Mojo ( I think they called that moonshine back in the day).

Need you ask? You bet your son’s lunch money, the very next weekend under the lights, Robin and ALL FOUR of his cars racked up victories and top five’s…Lord have mercy!

And not anywhere else is SpeedFreaks Mojo more prevalent than right here in the NHRA ranks. Worsham, Coughlin, Capps, Russell, Densham have had their share of Mojo. Hell, Force’s 2001 Championship can be chalked up to SpeedFreaks Mojo.

Our Mojo does not discriminate either. Four wheels or two, you can be blessed.

Just ask the ‘little man’ with a brass set of…you get it. NHRA Pro Stock Biker and Team Scream’s, Craig Treble. On a good, clear day, I swear he’s 4 foot 9 inches tall, but www.craigtreble.com says he’s all about 5 foot 4.

Recently, Trebles romp in SpeedFreaks Mojo happened by mistake. After the Brainerd race, winner Geno Scali, who won on a Kawasaki for freak’s sake, was a no show in The Pits. His stand in? Yep, runner up Treble with a .435 reaction time.

Treble’s time in The Pits that Sunday was typical Freak fun with the highlight being a rival teams crew trying to knife him while he was on the phone with us. I told you those two wheelers had brass…you get it again. Little did the ‘little man’ know that he had stepped in a big ‘ol pile of SpeedFreaks Mojo that evening and was going to make him a richer ‘little man.’

Two weeks later, going into the K&N Filters Pro Bike Klash at the MAC Tools U.S. Nationals in Indy, Treble needed every ounce of SpeedFreaks Mojo he could lock his legs around. Why? His rocket experienced transmission problems causing him to miss two runs the day before… meaning, he would have the same set up he had two weeks earlier in Brainerd for his first-round match against Antron Brown. No worries Waldo – Treble tagged the totem pole with .405 reaction time.

His round two opponent featured SpeedFreaks ‘Bad’ Mojo benefactor, Geno Scali. Remember? The Mojo can work against you if you stiff the Freaks. Scali’s no show in the SpeedFreaks’ Pits after his win in Brainerd, not surprisingly, helped Treble clean house in round two. Scali and the Kawi…gone.

Next, the Finals!

Mike Berry, who schooled Matt Hines and defending Klash champion Shawn Gann in the quarter, was next up for Treble.

Now, legend has it, the ‘little man’ and Team Scream conducted some sort of surreptitious seance prior to the final blast down the quarter mile for some K&N cake. And I must admit, not since Al Hoffman’s hair had I seen see such puzzling residue emanating from Treble’s leathers while staging for the finale. Yet, I had a feeling about the aura that had a hold of Treble. SpeedFreaks Mojo!


Treble tags tree with a .423 to Berry’s .494 and the green on the Klash cash just got a whole lot brighter. After working through such adversity to get his rig to the finals, every advantage the ‘little man’ could get his hands on would only make this victory sweeter.

Let it be known, it is not lost on Treble and many other motorsports mad men and women that the SpeedFreak’s Mojo is as real as the tears you cry standing two feet from a lit rail. This is why so many dip their lips to sip the ‘Jo from The Freak Nation Cup time and time again. They believe the tasty Mojo delicacy will aid their cause to kick some ass on tracks across the country. So much so, Treble came into The Pits the night after his Klash victory and slurped another stomach full of SpeedFreaks Mojo. For the ‘little man’ that’s two times in one month.

Well, drag racing fans, I think the 2002 run for the Pro Stock Bike championship just got tighter. For Treble, he just might become the ‘big man’ on campus.

Got Mojo?

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