This is the Stattmann Baby!!  Time to Scatt a little bit.

There’s a story going around that Kenny Bernstein might take over a Top Fuel ride for Connie Kalitta.

Bernstein driving for Kalitta would be like The Mongoose driving for The Snake.  It just doesn’t compute.

But do you really want to see a legend stay one day longer than necessary?

Do you want to remember Jordan hitting the last shot of his career for an NBA title or stumbling through a comeback?

Or remember Mario Andretti flying upside down at Indy or winning CART championships and the F1 title?

A.J. Foyt stayed too long so did Richard Petty.

Bob Glidden came back a couple years ago and ran the fastest Pro Stock pass of his career and was the slowest at the Winternationals.

He’s just tuning the cars now.

Bernstein did win events two years ago but two years can be a lifetime in an athlete’s career.

All champions believe they’re invincible and Kenny can do whatever he wants with HIS life.

For me, though, I hope he can find some joy trackside.

But that’s just me.