It does the heart good to hear that Kenny Schrader did not make the Speed Freaks list of who should be next to hang up his heat shields once Rusty Wallace makes 2005 his "Last Call". The short list that includes Martin, Marlin, Rudd and Terry Labonte is chronologically logical, but holy blazing nursing homes …. what about Morgan Shepherd?
When you look at and listen to the Freak's list of possible party poopers, do any of them really REALLY look like they're having fun? Rudd's puckered expression is only eclipsed by Labonte's stoic demeanor, whereas Marlin's eyes seem to yearn for a John Deere as opposed to a set of Dodge horns. Mark Martin has always left me feeling the need for Prozac, even back when he was a kid. Maybe it is time for these racers to draw straws and decide who is going to join Rusty in his race to the rocking chair.
Back to Schrader; he's NASCAR's Roy Clark – a musical pickin' pro who has always proclaimed that if you make an effort to look like you're having fun, then people are going to be convinced that you are. When you race 366 days out of a 365 day year, its something that must be working for the man. No bitchin'…. just racin'.
Age aside, attitude is what keeps these guys driving. If it ain't fun….. stay home and watch tv like the rest of us.
Lori Munro
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