First of all, I thought Lugg-nuttz might need a recent history lesson:
Dale Earnhardt,Jr., won TWO Championships, he won back to back championships in the NASCAR Busch Series in 1998 and 1999.

So there!
But that is not what I want to talk about, Last week or so, the Freak nation posed a question, Do Female drivers deserve special media attention, without any Victories?

No, I am not going to say where I stand on the issue, not yet. But I did get curious about Females in NASCAR's History, So I hit the books, And this is what I found;
In 1948, Sara Christian drove her way into NASCAR.

In 1949, the Inaugural year of NASCAR, Sara competed in six of the eight events of the Strictly Stock series (NEXTEL Cup series today) Finishing sixth at Langhorne Speedway, and fifth at Heidelberg Speedway, Both tracks were in Pennsylvania. And finished thirteenth for the year, in the official standings.
Louise Smith competed in several races in 1949, Including The famous Daytona beach road race.
Sister to driver Fonty Flock, Ethel Flock Mobley competed in two strictly stock events in 1949. She was the wife of Charlie Mobley, who fielded the cars for Tim Flock, in the modified series.
In 1962, NASCAR would see it's first Female owner, Mamie Reynolds, daughter of a US Senator. At the age of Nineteen, became the youngest and first female owner to win a NASCAR event. Her # 26 Ford was driven to victory by Fred Lorenzen,
In Augusta, Ga. on a half mile dirt track.
Again in 1976, NASCAR would see females again, for a short time.  Janet Guthrie, a well known female racer competed in the World 600 at Charlotte. She qualified twenty-seventh, and finished fifteenth. her car was owned by Lynda Ferreri, for the cost of 21,000.00 to become an NASCAR owner. Humpy Wheeler set the whole process up, from what I could find out. Twenty-one thousand dollars, for a NASCAR car ownership, imagine that price now, you could get maybe some tires for One weekend! 1977 bought us the Firecracker 400 at Daytona, in which Janet Guthrie, Lella Lombardi, and Christine Beckers all competed. But due to mechanical issues, none finished the event.
More recently, Shawna Robinson gave it a try in 2001 thru 2003. But I am sure, All over the US on local tracks, Girls of all ages are giving this great sport a try, With the dream of someday, running with the likes of Dale Earnhardt,Jr. and Kurt Busch.

So Now I will sit back and watch to see if young female Drivers, Like Sara Fields and Erin Crocker can bring the hope back for female NASCAR fans. Information was scarce to say the least, But the information I did find I have included.

So Now I will answer that question! Yes, females, in any type of male dominated sport, should get special attention. maybe then, in the future, little girls everywhere will know the above names, and know that they can too: Live their dream and fulfill their need for speed!

so as I always say; "Pull those belts tight, The green's gonna fly. And this ain't no ordinary ride!"

Poet K. A. Steffek
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