This is the Statt Mann, Baby. It’s time to Scatt a Little Bit…

I often ask drivers if they prefer the juice of speed on a race track or the tension of competition. Many say the juice of speed. Curiously they generally don’t have titles on their resume.

A race is the tension of competition. What the driver does with what the team has given him determines who gets to the finish first.

Toyota proved that last weekend at Circuit of the Americas. It ran away from the field like the Hare in the Tortoise and Hare parable. But, like the Tortoise, it was the Audis who made the right decisions to get to the finish line first.

The Toyota speed was mind numbing at Austin. The Toyotas were lapping the back of the field after only six laps of a six hour race.

But Audi has won championships and the team is a fixture in Victory Lane at Le Mans. That experiences made the Audis prepared when it became necessary to change the plan during a surprise rain storm. They made the right choices. And were able to continue the race    with one fewer pit stop than the Toyotas.

Speed is crucial in a race obviously. But if you can’t compete, what’s the point of racing?