This is the Statt Mann Baby. Time to Scatt a little bit.

When Darrell Wallace got into the NASCAR Playoffs Saturday night it was an important moment in his life and the life of a global motor sport. He gets to play further in NASCAR’s Chase for the Championship.

He stared down millions on and off the track to grow his career to where millions don’t want him. But, even in the moments directly after the race at Daytona, the keyboard warriors in Social Media started vomiting water on the accomplishment.

Even former champions won’t share that experience this year. As if those warriors are in charge of deciding who can succeed or be happy or how they should feel or display that happiness.

Now, obviously, each one can think whatever. They can post whatever.

But they should look in the mirror when they think they can be the arbiter of happiness, that they have the supreme idea of how everyone should deserve or act when they’re happy. Or how long their happiness can last. Or who’s allowed to play or succeed at that game.

At a time when people want to legalize who can compete or succeed, they’re worried about Darryl Wallace getting into the NASCAR playoffs.

Well done: Darrell, Bootie, Michael and Denny. And everyone else at 23XI.

It’s good to see you standing above and ignoring the little people in NASCAR’s tedious, inconsequential social world.